Apps приложение

Apps приложение

AppSheet has allowed us to be flexible with our app creation rather than being tied to a specification at the outset. We’ve been able to change, adapt and react to user feedback at the same time as adding new features to improve the user experience.

— Andy Foddy, TARMAC

What AppSheet did was allow me to really quickly create a tool to collect data. We’re really excited to be able to collect this information on the assembly line. Anyone in final assembly, anyone in design has constantly up-to-date information down to the part level.

— Ben Atkinson, Toyota

Using AppSheet, we were able to design and launch a full end-to-end app in just two days. Altogether, it’s a fantastic platform — and perfect for any civic organization that is looking to improve information management and resource distribution.

— Michael Terrelonge, Rotary International

I have no technical background. I built our sales app in 2 nights. My team adopted it without needing any help.

— Brent Siebold, Pepsi Corporation

Before the AppSheet apps, everything was 100% paperwork. We used to write daily reports using forms, work orders — all manually. Apps have made all the managers more efficient.

— Aiesh Ragih, KLB Construction

For us, AppSheet is much more than just a single app. Our company is being entirely reconfigured and put on their platform. Everyone in the company is now using AppSheet on a daily basis. Right now, we have about 12 apps. Our plan is to get to 50 or 60 by the end of next year.

— Greg Simkins, Unto This Last

I searched online, found AppSheet and knew immediately that this was what we needed… AppSheet provides a platform that is easy to create with and easy to use.

— Joseph Romualdez, CCMET

App development for everyone… Beginners and experts alike can use AppSheet to develop apps for everyday tasks. A simple survey app using a spreadsheet to a complex CSM app with a database background are both possible with this platform.

— David Farris, Bituminous Roadways, Inc.

Amazing, simple, easy to use tool! Connecting farmers to chefs of Montréal with no middlemen through a live data update with my app.

— Thibault Renouf, CHEF514

The app I developed is helping save resources, but that’s not the real story. What it really does is give us info quickly. The best thing we did was give the distribution team information so they could make immediate adjustments to make our efforts ten times more impactful.

— Chris Needham, Habitat for Humanity

The ability to create apps and collect information through AppSheet has greatly improved the efficiency of data collection and GCI’s ability to understand what is happening with projects and patients around the world.

— Allie Bukowski, Global Cancer Institute

AppSheet is allowing us to rapidly develop mobile apps… I love that we are able to develop and manage the app ourselves without relying on an outside company or programmer to design or update the functionality and content.

— Paul Carpenter, Anglo-American School of Moscow

Before it was a mess. We had to be chasing down the crews to figure out what was being done at times, but the biggest problem was the crews not having access to system customer information out in the field. The use of AppSheet has most certainly made my job and that of field personnel a lot easier. It has increased efficiency and descreased downtime.

— Dan Hudson, South Texas Solar Systems, Inc.

With AppSheet we are revolutionizing the dispatching system of the flights , communications to and from all persons responsible for flight operations.

— Marco Badalamenti, Aviation Services S.P.A

I really enjoy the capabilities of Appsheet. Spring Mobile has over 5,000 employees. Our Business divisions are growing very rapidly. This allows us to expand at the rate we need.

— Antwain Jordan, Spring Mobile

Makes my job easier.

— Eric Fister, Whirlpool


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