Фурри манекен

Фурри манекен

FLASH GAMES ARE DYING. Night Fury Maker will be gone by 2020, so click the following link to learn about future updates: fav.me/dcme7jz

Now on www.dolldivine.com!

Comments permanently disabled because of spam and chain letters and other random nonsense. If you want to show me your dragons, feel free to post links on my profile or send notes. You may message me with questions(Do not ask me to update, that is not a valid question), but please don’t ask for certain maker types or try to give me suggestions for my next maker. I already have projects of my own lined up and there’s no scarcity of ideas in that area.

Rules are simple.
Do not sell the artwork for real money.
 Do not re-create the lineart and redistribute. 
You MAY create adoptables and sell the characters for points or fake money though. No real cash profits. Just know that when you’re selling adoptables, you are not selling the rights to the artwork, just the design of the character.
The artwork is mine, but the characters are yours. Feel free to draw them in your own style and use them as you like for books, stories, roleplay, etc.
And obviously, don’t claim to have drawn them. A link back or credit is appreciated if you upload these.


For PC- There should be a key on your keyboard that says Prt Scr(Print Screen), press it, then open up an image program like Paint or Photoshop, GIMP, etc. Go to Edit, then choose Paste and save your image.
For Laptops-There should be an «Fn» button somewhere on your keyboard, press and hold it and hit your prt scr button at the same time. Then open up an image program like Paint or Photoshop, GIMP, etc. Go to Edit, then choose Paste and save.
For Macs-Command+Shift+4 makes you select an area of the screen and then saves the shot on the desktop.

IF THE GAME DOES NOT SHOW or you can’t see objects in the game:
Wait for the entire page to load. That means waiting until what ever browser you’re using stops thinking/loading and says «Done». Then refresh the page.

This was brought on from watching How To Train Your Dragon for the ump-teenth time, so I was all hyped up on a fan spasm of dragons and Night Furies and scaley, winged creatures. Some people have commented that my dragon maker should have HTTYD stuff and body parts in it, but I made the game in 10 hours and don’t plan on spending more time on it. Anyways, in my inspired state, I set out to surprise folks by making a quick flash game starring a Night Fury dragon. 8D Note that I say Night Fury specifically because it is not Toothless(nor is it a Toothless dress-up). If you have seen the movie, you should know that Toothless is unique. It has a few markings and such available that provides a starting base for creating your own nightfury.

NEW RECORD! This thing-I don’t…wow. I started piecing this thing together last night after I finished the movie, which was 10 O’CLOCK PM. Yes, I stayed up till 1 AM and continued working for most of today, but seriously, that’s incredible timing from me for any flash game with more than 5 items. Granted most of the markings are generic and boring. << This was mainly meant to be a quick project anyhow and as far as maker games go, a less than 24 hour turn out time is super.

Источник: www.deviantart.com

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