Как будет сочинение по английски

Как будет сочинение по английски

My name is Tony Russel. Last year I went to Nepal for three months to work in a hospital. It was situated high in the mountains. I liked the place very much. The air was always fresh and there was a small lake which was not very deep not far from the hospital. I used to swim there early in the morning.

I think it’s important to see as much of a foreign country as can, but it is difficult and sometimes dangerous to travel around Nepal. Once I had a few days’ holiday from the hospital, so I decided to go into the jungle with my friend Kamal Rai who knew a lot about his own country and was fond of traveling among the mountains.

We started preparing for the trip at six in the morning and left our camp with two elephants. It was hot, but we were wearing shoes and trousers to protect us from snakes. In the jungle there was a lot of wildlife, but we were trying to find big cats, especially tigers. We got onto the elephants’ backs but Kamal said it was unusual to find tigers in the middle of the day because they liked to sleep in the daytime, hiding in the grass.

Then suddenly we saw a tiger rather far and Kamal told me to be quiet. We came nearer and saw a dead sheep in the grass. This was the tiger’s lunch!

We heard the tiger a second before we saw it. What do you think happened then?

Источник: literatura.neznaka.ru

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