Minecraft texturepack editor

Minecraft texturepack editor

Tom: So do you go by what the majority of players are asking for? Or do you have to use your own instincts a but?

Jasper: There’s always a lot of people on Reddit and Twitter and other active community places and I get a lot of feedback. I listen to feedback that actually resonates with me. if there’s something with a good point, or I feel like everyone agrees then I will look into it and look if there’s a better way to do it.

Tom: How can our lovely players get their feedback to you?

Jasper: You can follow me on Twitter! There’s a link right here. And I read the Reddit threads every day. Also during the weekends, when I’m on the toilet, when I’m cooking, when I’m sleeping…

Mojang Tom: Same location?

Jasper: No.

Tom: Do you like me?

Jasper: I like you a lot Tom. Will you marry me?

Tom: Perhaps after the interview. Minecraft’s got a massive modding community and people who design their own textures for the game – what tips would you give people who want to redesign textures?

Jasper: You can make whatever textures you want, in whatever style, but the most important thing is to keep it consistent. Everything should have the same kind of techniques used, and you should have some kind of rules in your style. It should be a vision for the entire pack, and it should all be coherent with each other. And use less cubes!

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